Sito ufficiale Francesca Paternò - La Via della Seta. Alta Moda, Abiti da Sposa, Prêt-à-Porter, Cerimonia, Bimbi.

Roma Collection

The Roma collection represents a symbolic journey through history, cinema and art. A tribute to the Eternal City, always a kaleidoscope of atmospheres, styles and artistic ideas.

Francesca Paterno Collezione Roma

References to the movie “La Dolce Vita”, always loved by Fashion Designer Maria Francesca Paternò, is evident in the structure of the dresses. With a great stylistic purity she wants to represent a vision of the fashion and show business world that now belongs to the past, but that still offers  food for thought  or even an excuse to dream. The dream is again at the centre of the experience that the Fashion Designer wants to propose, enriched by an imagination that is both totally free and anchored to a clear historical period.

The purpose of this collection is to bring back the splendours of the past, a purpose reached also by the work of photographer Gianmarco Vetrano, who has realized a splendid photoshoot in the suggestive location of Villa Rodriguez, an antique mansion surrounded by chestnut wood, in the heart of the Peloritani Mountains.