Sito ufficiale Francesca Paternò - La Via della Seta. Alta Moda, Abiti da Sposa, Prêt-à-Porter, Cerimonia, Bimbi.

Overture Collection

Overture is a set of inspirations and cultures which can embrace various historical periods, but with a common denominator: their timeless elegance. Historical periods blend and chronological borders fade until they disappear.

Francesca Paterno La Via della Seta Abiti da Sposa e Cerimonia a Catania

In this collection, Fashion Designer Maria Francesca Paternò wants to represent the concepts of elegance and beauty in a completely asynchronous and timeless way, releasing them from the chains of time and glorifying them in a process of abstraction.

The woman so becomes an Athenian vestal, an ethereal siren, a romantic dreamer, a lively globetrotter. One shoulder décolletés and skirts that fall as long as pepli reflect the harmony of the Greek classicism. The posture is regal, the shapes are clean and fluid. The pleasant atmosphere created by the wedding dresses is contrasted by the lively and modern characteristics of the color-and-shape-blocked cocktail dresses which embody a woman with a great personality, in line with the needs of the contemporary, sophisticated, but  energetic at the same time. It is a collection to experience using imagination, admiring the variety of the proposed styles, the richness of the creative ideas and the high technical virtuosity owned by every single dress.