EVENTs 2016

Bellini Award G.A.R. - Fashion Vernissage Pro Telethon - November 27.

On 27th November Maria Francesca Paternò’s creations walk the runway at the “Theatre Massimo Vincenzo Bellini” in Catania. Maison Gattinoni is present, too.

Faber, the Ideas Manufacturer - November 26-27.

On 26th and 27th November La Via Della Seta is at “Faber”, an event where artisans and art teachers meet each other and exhibit their artworks in the magnificent halls of “Biscari Palace” in Catania.

Sicilian Woman Award - July 10.

On 10th July during the 5th edition of this event at “Cutore Palace” presenter Cristina Vitali wears two of Maria Francesca Paternò’s creations. She also exhibits a selection of her wedding dresses and haute couture dresses and moreover she receives the “Donna Siciliana Award”.

SposamiExpo - January 16-24.

From 16th to 24th January La Via Della Seta creations are exhibited at the “Salone del Matrimonio” (Wedding Expo) at “Le Ciminiere Exhibition Center” in Catania. The Roma collection and the Junior collection walk the runway. - VIDEO