EVENTs 2014

New York Bridal Week /Columbus Day - October 11-13.

From 11th to 13th October La Via Della Seta takes New York at the Bridal Week with the Novecento collection. On 13th October during the Columbus Day Parade, across the prestigious 5th Avenue in New York, three of the Fashion Designer’s creations represent the Italian Flag and Italy in America. - VIDEO

The Wire of Life, Catania - October 3-4.

Maria Francesca Paternò realizes the official logo of the 5th National Congress A.N.I.S.C. (Italian National Association of Surgeons) held in Catania on 3rd and 4th October.

Miss Italia Selections - August 9.

On 9th August during Miss Italia Selections, Giulia Arena (Miss Italia 2013) and Mirella Sessa (actress and runner-up of Miss Italia 2009) both wear La Via Della Seta gowns.

100 - Alta Moda at the Historical Infantry Museum - July 12-16.

From 12th to 16th July at the “Historical Infantry Museum” in Rome, during the “AltaRoma” tribute event to celebrate the “Centenary of the Great War”, three of Maria Francesca Paternò’s gowns, which represent the Italian Flag, are exhibited.

Taormina Film Fest - June 14.

On 14th June during the 66th edition of the important Film Festival hostesses wear La Via Della Seta creations.