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Francesca Paterno La Via della Seta Artigianalita



La Via Della Seta” is the result of the talent and passion of Fashion Designer Maria Francesca Paternò, who in her creations combines tradition and innovation, and who is appreciated for the sophistication of shapes and sartorial techniques, for the attention to the form, and the purity of carefully selected fabrics.

The choice of the name “The Silk Road ( La Via della Seta) ” was inspired by the term coined by a German geographer in 1909 to name the caravan routes that in ancient times were used to connect the far East to the Mediterranean Basin, allowing the trade and the exchange of precious goods, including as well fine fabrics.

The Atelier truly is a creative studio where refined dresses for wedding, ceremonies and haute couture are being made. These are aimed to a cosmopolitan, but also romantic woman, who focuses on the future, but looks nostalgically and with inspiration to the past.

Francesca Paternò


Sicilian Fashion Designer Maria Francesca Paternò begins her artistic studies through the expression of her strong passion for the Fashion world. Then the meeting with her great teacher Gianna Baragli, with whom she shares the love for tradition and for the research of new trends. This is when she starts her journey in the Haute Couture, obtaining from the 1970s strong appreciation that leads the Fashion Designer to be known as well internationally.

She too collaborates with renowned companies in the Fashion industry by drawing their collections and increasing her artistic skills of design and creativity, vision and research. During her career she participates in numerous events, receiving  several awards. 

Her creations wear a poetic look made of a classical modernity, always dominated by elegance and femininity. Among lace, embroidery and jewelery that hold a delicate and charming art, which expresses the emotion and sensitivity of female needle work and a very much alive tradition, Maria Francesca Paternò collects the feelings of her customers by turning them into pages of lasting memories.

Concert at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo - March 18.

On 18th March a concert is held at the “Italian Cultural Institute” in Tokyo and the soprano Sachimi Yamada wears a dress La Via Della Seta from the Roma collection.

2017 - SposamiExpo - January 14-22. From 14th to 22nd January

La Via Della Seta creations are exhibited at the “Salone del Matrimonio” (Wedding Expo) at “Le Ciminiere Exhibition Center” in Catania. A preview of the Limes collection takes place.

Francesca Paternò Sposami 2017

2017-“Solidarity, Music and Fashion”, The Centenary of Lions Club International

On 7th January, for the “Centenary of Lions Club International”, 100 years of solidarity are remembered  through short movies about various historical periods, with performances by the great “Theatre Massimo Vincenzo Bellini” orchestra in Catania and Maria Francesca Paternò’ creations.

2016 - Bellini Award G.A.R. - Fashion Vernissage Pro Telethon

On 27th November Maria Francesca Paternò’creations walk the runway at the “Theatre Massimo Vincenzo Bellini” in Catania. Maison Gattinoni is present, too.

  2016-Faber, the Ideas Manufacturer

On 26th and 27th November La Via Della Seta is at “Faber”, an event where artisans and art teachers meet each other and exhibit their artworks in the magnificent halls of “Biscari Palace” in Catania.

2016 - Sicilian Woman Award

On 10th July during the 5th edition of this event at “Cutore Palace” presenter Cristina Vitali wears two of Maria Francesca Paternò’s creations. She also exhibits a selection of her wedding dresses and haute couture dresses and moreover she receives the “Donna Siciliana Award”.

2016 - SposamiExpo

From 16th to 24th January La Via Della Seta creations are exhibited at the “Salone del Matrimonio” (Wedding Expo) at “Le Ciminiere Exhibition Center” in Catania. The Roma collection and the Junior collection walk the runway

 2015 - SAC (Catania Airport Company).

Performs the restyling of uniforms for men and women of the ground staff employed at Catania Airport, designing the sketches of the new uniforms and monitoring the manufacturing process in person

2015 - Bellini Award G.A.R. - Fashion Vernissage Pro Telethon

On 4th October La Via Della Seta exhibits a selection of dresses from the Roma collection at the “Theatre Massimo Vincenzo Bellini”. The show culminates with a majestic tribute dress to the splendid theatre.

2015 - Si SposaItalia.

From 22nd to 25th May Maria Francesca Paternò’s creations are exhibited at the “Si Spositalia” (Bridal Expo) in Milan, with a preview of the Roma collection.

Francesca Paternò Si Sposaitalia

2015 - Gran Ballo Belliniano, at Biscari Palace

On 21st March in an event co-organized with the Telethon Foundation at “Biscari Palace” a tribute to Vincenzo Bellini is celebrated. During the event some of La Via Della Seta creations walk the runway.

2014 - New York Bridal Week/ Columbus Day.

From 11th to 13th October La Via Della Seta takes New York at the Bridal Week with the Novecento collection. On 13th October during the Columbus Day Parade, across the prestigious 5th Avenue in New York, three of the Fashion Designer’s creations represent the Italian Flag and Italy in America.

2014 - The Wire of Life

Maria Francesca Paternò realizes the official logo of the 5th National Congress A.N.I.S.C. (Italian National Association of Surgeons) held in Catania on 3rd and 4th October. 

2014 - Miss Italia Selections

On 9th August during Miss Italia Selections, Giulia Arena (Miss Italia 2013) and Mirella Sessa (actress and runner-up of Miss Italia 2009) both wear La Via Della Seta gowns

2014 - 100 - Alta Moda at the Historical Infantry Museum

From 12th to 16th July at the “Historical Infantry Museum” in Rome, during the “AltaRoma” tribute event to celebrate the “Centenary of the Great War”, three of Maria Francesca Paternò’s gowns, which represent the Italian Flag, are exhibited.

2014 - Taormina Film Fest

On 14th June during the 66th edition of the important Film Festival hostesses wear La Via Della Seta creations.

2013 - Castello degli Sposi.

From 15th to 17th November during the “Il Castello degli Sposi“, an event dedicated to future brides and grooms, Maria Francesca Paternò’s creations  are exhibited in “Frederick II of Svevia Castle” in Montalbano Elicona (ME).

2013 - New York Bridal Week, ”Made in Italy”

On 12th October during the New York Bridal Week at XVI Rooftop Lounge (251 West 48th Street) La Via Della Seta gowns walk the runway.

2013 - Bellini Award G.A.R. - Fashion Vernissage Pro Telethon

On 6th October at the “Theatre Massimo Vincenzo Bellini” the Fashion Designer honors the Sicilian noblewoman Donna Franca Florio, who represented the elegant and noble image of Sicily during the Belle Époque.

2013 - The Look of the Year

On 31st August during the beauty contest “The Look of the Year”, in the splendid setting of the “Ancient Theatre” of Taormina, Maria Francesca Paternò’s creations walk the runway, and she receives a prestigious Fashion Award. This historic beauty contest has launched Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista’s top model  careers.

2013 -Si SposaItalia, Save the Date

From 21st to 24th June La Via Della Seta is at the “Si Spositalia” (Bride Expo) in Milan with the Opéra collection and many previews. 

2013 - “Fashion meets Solidarity”, Pro Rotary Foundation

On 14th June the Opéra collection walks the runway in the sumptuous halls of “Manganelli Palace” in Catania, and the Fashion Designer receives an award as an eulogy “for her remarkable creative talent”. 

2013 - Ciak Sicily Award: Cinema, Creativity, Fashion Show

On 14th May during the pro-Telethon evening, at the “Le Ciminiere” exhibition center, the creations of Maria Francesca Paternò parade, with a preview of the dress “The colors of the soul”.

2013 -UNICEF - Pigotte and the Mother’s Day

. “Mothers of the World” is an initiative in which fashion and social commitment unite to contribute to the “We Want Zero” campaign through the purchase of Pigotte dolls, with their little Pigottini, designed by Maria Francesca Paternò and realized by UNICEF volunteers. 

2013 - Crocus Fashion Day, Moscow

On 13th February during one of the most important events of the international fashion world, in the exclusive “Lotte Plaza Center”, Maria Francesca Paternò presents a selection of her most sophisticated haute couture dresses, including a wedding dress from the new Opéra collection. Tony Ward’s dresses walk the runway,too. Present are also important newspapers such as Grazia and Elle, people of the show business and fashion bloggers.

2012 - Bellini Award G.A.R. - Fashion Vernissage Pro Telethon

. On 7th October at the “Theatre Massimo Vincenzo Bellini” Maria Francesca Paternò receives the “Bellini Award” for having exported Italian fashion in the world and some previews of the Opéra collection are exhibited

2012 - The Fourth Night

On 22nd September, at “Le Ciminiere Exhibition Center”, the Première of Francesco Catalano’s theatrical show takes place. Costumes are designed by Maria Francesca Paternò.

2012 - Yachting Club - “Fashion riches the open sea”

On 30nd june, Catania, Maria Francesca Paternò’s creations parade in the setting of the historic Yachting Club

 2012 - SposaItalia Contest, "A Fairytale Opportunity"

On 22nd June Maria Francesca Paternò’s “Made in Sicily” walks the runway of one of the largest international Haute Couture and Bridal Fashion salons in Milan, where she receives the special mention “A fairytale shot” in the contest presented by Oggisposi / TGcom “A Fairytale Opportunity”.

2012 - Ciak Sicilia Award: Cinema, Creativity, Fashion Show

On 13th April at “Le Ciminiere Exhibition Center” Maria Francesca Paternò receives the “Ciak Sicilia Award” and exhibits three Art Déco creations, inspired to the French movie “The Artist” directed by the Oscar Winner Michel Hazanavicius.

2011 - Award Maugeri- Amenano d’Argento

On November 4th, the stylist was awarded the Maugeri Prize at the ABC Theater in Catania

2011 - Bellini Award G.A.R. - Fashion Vernissage Pro Telethon

On 3rd October La Via Della Seta creations are exhibited and surrounded by the splendid 19th architectural frame of “Piazza Vincenzo Bellini” in Catania. The Fashion Show ends with the arrival of Tania Bambaci, Miss Mondo Italia 2011, who wears a celebratory dress of the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

2011 - Great Dance for the Italian Unification

On 27th May in the magnificent  party hall of “Biscari Palace” a celebratory fashion show takes place. Maria Francesca Paternò presents a majestic dress inspired to the Italian Flag for the “150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy”. A green bustier is embraced by voluptuous white waves of organza plissè lying on a red tulle cascade. The alternation of different textures gives it a monumental characteristic, which seems to evoke the architectural opulence of the Palace, while the sinuous and soft shapes give it charming tones, enriching it with a romantic femininity.

2011 - Amy Carrier - Miss Great Britain

Amy Carrier, Miss Great Britain 2010, wears La Via Della Seta dresses in the photoshoot of celebrity photographer Alan Strutt. 

2010 - UNICEF - Project "Realize a Pigotta, you save a life

On 18th December UNICEF presents the initiative “Realize a Pigotta, you save a life” in which fashion and social commitment unite. With the collaboration of Fashion Designer Maria Francesca Paternò and students of the High School “G. Lombardo Radice”  lovely Pigotte dolls are manufactured on the subject “Brides in the World”.

2010 - Bellini Award G.A.R.

On October 3 the creations of Maria Francesca Paternò parade in Square Vincenzo Bellini of Catania..