Sito ufficiale Francesca Paternò - La Via della Seta. Alta Moda, Abiti da Sposa, Prêt-à-Porter, Cerimonia, Bimbi.

Ambra Collection

Creations full of style and elegance that give the woman, in the Ambra collection, femininity, bon ton and a simple seduction, with innovative decorations with simple shapes.

Collezione Ambra Francesca Paterno La Via della Seta

The La Via della Seta wearer lives in today’s world without being overwhelmed by it, he has a sense of modernity but he knows how to “recognize the roots of tradition”.

Pleated wedding dress with ruffles, pleats and neo-romantic details. Sumptuous dresses in red silk brocade, embellished with splendid Simeto amber brooches. Red as passion, joy, love for creations that blend with the jewel, showing sobriety and elegance. An unusual catwalk, to admire a perfect symbiosis between classic and modern, a graceful, seductive but never aggressive style.